Secret Luxury Spots In The Bohemian Beach Paradise Of Tulum, Mexico – Forbes

This is truly the most luxurious hotel in Tulum. Tommaso Marchiorello, manager of Jashita Hotel (photo credit Jashita Hotel) The Italians I come to discover are leaders of the pack of entrepreneurs who have created some of the best hotspots in Tulum. Living La Dolce Vita from the wildly popular beachfront Hamptons style Italian restaurant Posada Margherita owned by the charming and often shirtless Alessandro Carozzino to the former celebrity studded but nowfading Coqui Coqui Hotel owned by Italian designer Francesca Bonato. (The thatched roof jungle suites and South Beach cool Be Tulum Hotel has now become the hottest hotel in the area with neighboring Casa Magna Hotel boasting the best intimate beach). The beach at Casa Magna (photo credit Jim Dobson) There are luxurious adventures and opportunities to be had if one only looks a little bit deeper behind the veil of yoga retreats and pricey boutiques. I discovered things rarely mentioned in the press that discerning visitors would appreciate. Options are numerous ranging from a romantic private dinner in the magnificent Dos Ojos cenote or deep sea fishing at the fishermans village bride hairstyles in Sian Kaan. At the Yaan Wellness Energy Healing Spa located directly opposite the Be Tulum Hotel, owner Sebastian Sas and Dr. Bobby Klein have created what I consider one of the worlds best spas.

Jon Favreau: How food trucks became L.A. kings –

“A lot of them (Korean-taco vendors) are putting their own spin on it,” he says. “They don’t call themselves Kogi, so it’s a form of love.” “DJs all have the same music, the same beats to choose from, it’s which ones you choose and how you mix them up that makes you an original,” adds Favreau. “Food trucks are our bootleg tapes.” Humble sizzle L.A.’s food trucks are an extension of Southern California’s long-established “taco trucks.” These are typically plain white trucks that sell cheap and freshly made tacos, quesadillas and other Mexican “fast food.” Modern “food trucks” — sometimes owner-operated (as in “Chef”), sometimes run by larger business entities — have taken the mobile food concept and expanded the menu options considerably. You can now buy everything from acai bowls to greasy burgers to Maine lobster from food trucks. The shared lineage means the terms “taco truck” and “food truck” are sometimes used interchangeably — but shouldn’t be mistaken for the similar-in-appearance white “catering trucks” (known colloquially as “roach coaches”) that pull up to construction sites, warehouses and office buildings selling pre-packaged sandwiches, bags of chips, candy and beverages to workers. Apps track trucks Food trucks travel the city and park at different places and times each day or week.

With Kenneth Cole’s ‘Look Good, for Good’ Campaign, Catalyzing Social Change Is More Than a Fashion Statement – Yahoo News

Done With Kenneth Coles Look Good, for Good Campaign, Catalyzing Social Change Is More Than a Fashion Statement By Liz Dwyer | 25 minutes ago Content preferences Done For world-renowned fashion designer Kenneth Cole, ensuring his business drives concrete change in the social impact space isnt just a chic corporate trend. For the past 30 years the industry pioneer has dedicated a significant chunk of his time and resources to raising awareness about some of the worlds toughest challenges. This fall through the Look Good, for Good campaign, Cole is taking his commitment to fostering collective health, civil liberties, and artistic activism to the next level and teaming up with TakePart to encourage the public to put its best foot forward and take action. Figuring out how to involve customers has long been a key component of Coles social change work. I was struggling early in my career to find a way to connect with people in a meaningful way, to talk to them about something that was more sustainable than heel height or the size of the handbag, says Cole. He set out to figure out how to talk to people not about what they stood in but what they stood for, not just what they wear but of what they are aware. To that end, Look Good, for Good will complement the ongoing work of the Kenneth Cole Foundation by supporting projects run by three outstanding organizations: St. Lukes Foundation for Haiti, which provides education and aid in the island nation thats still devastated by the 2010 earthquake; HELP USA, which works to end homelessness, particularly among veterans ; and Sundance Institute, the creative hub that nurtures and develops some of Americas most talented independent filmmakers.

If Ebola Arrives In The U.S., Stopping It May Rely On Controversial Tools – Forbes

All of these factors make control of the infection feasible. If isolated cases emerge in the U.S., our public health apparatus should be able to readily contain its spread. Yet its highly plausible that a case of Ebola could soon be diagnosed in the U.S.. For one thing, the virus has a long incubation period, up to three weeks. So an infected individual could travel abroad and contract symptoms only well after arriving at their destination. Moreover, the same factor thats fueling its spread in Africa makes it more likely that Ebola travels abroad. The African outbreak has occurred in urban areas.


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