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Coloring Time Choose any color you want and color each nail the same color or individually to create a new and fashionable look that will wow the crowd. Also bring the flare with a patterned approach! Bring Out The BlingWhat better way to show off your nails, than by accessorizing with beautiful jewellery. Choose from bracelets, rings, and other jewels that will sparkle when the light hit it. Its All About The SkinTo make it feel more like you, change the skin color of the hands to best suit your skin tone so it feels like you are really getting your nails done!Whats Inside Fashion Nail Salon?52 different nail colors including patterns6 choices of nail lengths5 skin tone colors6 jewellery wrist bracelets and rings20 jewelled accessories Fashion Nail Salon FeaturesCut your nails to length ready for coloring. Color your nails so they are fashionable and unique. Add the bling to compliment your nails ready for showing off to the cameras.

Fashion Column Twins: WIth New Year’s Eve dresses, go big or stay home /

When picking out another dress option, we both chose dresses with gold and black sequins. We love the styles of these two dresses because they are unique designs that really stand out. Emilys dress has a black belt and deep V-neck, while mine is simple yet has a distinctive design with all of the sequins. Look for a dress this time of year that really shows your style. Try something out of your comfort zone you wont regret it! Emily and Elizabeth Kennedy are twin sisters and fashion bloggers who share a blog called Fashion Column Twins .

Shoppers Hit Fashion Fair Mall For Last Minute Gifts – YCV

Others said it’s the rush they love. But even with all the craziness, last minute shoppers said they were surprised with how easy it was to get around. “I was actually surprised. I thought it would be a lot busier, you know, because it is the day before Christmas, but it actually hasn’t been too extreme for me,” last minute shopper Christiania Yahne said. “It hasn’t bothered me at all.

What would Santa look like if he was super rich? |

Your next task is to find the perfect New Years Eve outfit and fortunately, The Posts fashion team is here to help. Be it ultrafeminine or chic minimal, theres sure to be something here to help you ring in jewerly making supplies the new year in style. Take a look. Anahita Moussavian, deputy fashion editor Im totally digging the sexy 70s wave that ruled the spring 2015 runways glam gowns, sky-high heels, monochrome metallics which is why Im obsessed with this disco-meets-deco look for ringing in the new year. Top it off with a kitschy tiara for insta party vibes.

The Post’s fashion team picks their favorite New Year’s Eve outfits | New York Post

(Joint London) Wednesday, December 24, 2014 05:02PM Recognizing that Santa has been wearing the same winter wear that he’s had on since the mid-19th century, creators over at the Joint London ad agency decided to playfully modernize Father Christmas in present-day apparel from a few high-end fashion designers. Take a look. The average person probably hasn’t heard of any of these designers, but then again the average person probably doesn’t spend over $800 on a sweater, or over $1,100 on a winter coat, or even $900 on a pair of sneakers. According to Smithsonian , the first well-known American depictions of Santa Claus emerged around the 1860s with political cartoons by Thomas Nast. In the following decades, department stores and food & beverage companies adapted Santa’s image into their advertising, slowly crafting out the widely recognized white-bearded, rotund man in a fur-trimmed red uniform.


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